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As a professional voice-over artist I offer German voice recordings in high studio quality for corporate videos, explanatory films, e-learning, IVRs, advertising and documentaries. Learn more about my service.

  • My voice sounds warm, genuine, fresh, clear, credible, smart and friendly. Of course, always in line with the project and its objectives.
  • I have over 20 years of experience in German radio and TV – editorially, strategically and artistically.
  • I love to contribute to a project with intelligence and sensitivity. I like to learn something new every day. My long-time customers and partners appreciate my thorough and conscientious way of working.

Experienced media producers know the crucial difference a really good voice recording can make.

Why is the spoken word so important?

A good voice-over artist is more than just decorative icing on the audiovisual media cake. The voice and the personality behind it are the decisive social factor in a media production.

Only with this social factor, the human voice, can you be sure that your message not only gains the attention of the audience, but that it actually builds a relationship with them.

As learning psychological research shows, when information is presented in this way it is processed particularly intensively and deep within the brain, that is to say – it is learned. After all, we do want our message to stick in the mind.

This has been my experience not only from my years of working in the media, but I also studied the effect of the “voice and voice-over artist” scientifically during my academic studies in the field of psychology and wrote about it in my thesis.

One thing is clear: The human voice transmits more than simply facts alone. The spoken word not only stimulates the mind – at its best it creates contact, response and communication on several levels simultaneously.

I would be delighted to supply you with the social factor for your production (the voice recording) directly from my studio or I can come to a studio of your choice (click here to read more about the production process).

Request a quote for your project using the form on this page or just give me a call: +49 151 23616693
I look forward to speaking to and for you!