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About Andrea

A brief overview of my professional positions, with all relevant details, can be found on my public LinkedIn profile.


My life and work revolve around media, music and people – they are the ‘good vibrations’ that connect everything

One day after my 14th birthday, the moment had finally come: That Sunday I had the chance to speak ‘live’ on the radio for the first time, at our local radio station, Radio BB in Sindelfingen. I had won the visit a week earlier. I was electrified! The rest of the story is well known – they couldn’t get rid of me. After high school I completed a journalistic broadcasting traineeship, while continuing with speech training. In the years following I worked as a presenter, voice-over artist and editor for many major broadcasters in Germany. I particularly liked interviews with bands and celebrities, such as Depeche Mode and A-ha – the musical heroes of my youth. ‘Listen to music and speak to exciting people’ as a job? What more could you want?!

Voice-overs, Presenting, Listening

Besides I have also worked as a presenter for events and discussion panels on many stages, large and small. I’ve gained thousands of hours of valuable experience and met many interesting people. Over time, the number of voice-over jobs for commercials and films grew. In 2006, I was cast from over 20 others as one of the regular voice-overs of the popular German TV science magazine show ‘nano’ on the channel 3sat. A dream job for someone curious, like me: interesting, well-researched reports and always learning something new.

Psychology in Theory and Practice

The next step was to finally attend university (all those years ago I had no time), where I studied psychology – in addition to regular work, which made for an intense time. However, as part of my degree, I fulfilled another dream – with the right motivation everything is possible! In my thesis, I had the opportunity to deeper explore my experiences as a voice-over artist. The theme: “The human voice as a social factor in multimedia learning environments. On the influence of a voice-over artist’s prior knowledge and the voice-over role. An empirical study on the Voice Principle from the cognitive theory of multimedia learning. “

Extensive psychological learning and seminars followed, for example, as a relaxation and mindfulness trainer and even as a therapist. (I am a trained therapist, but not active.) Examining the associated topics has given me a lot of added depth in my life and my work.

In recent years, amongst other things, I have also worked as a research assistant with an interdisciplinary research team, as part of a project run by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. The study looked at learning and development processes in companies.
I have also gained experience at a school psychological counselling centre. I volunteer as a mentor for students at a secondary school and have, for example, conducted several weeks of social skills training for 7th grade students.

What drives and delights me

My passion is to communicate and mediate, awaken greater understanding and promote growth through networking:

  • communicating information, ideas and content to people (as a voice-over artist, editor, artist and lecturer)
  • between people, whether individually or in groups/teams (as a presenter, psychologist and trainer)
  • and through intensive work with individual people (as a coach)

To put it poetically: The evolution of the mind and the heart, as well as their connection.
I work towards that every day, with fresh curiosity and joy.