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Studio and Equipment

In my own recording studio I work with high-quality professional equipment:

  • Microphone: Brauner Phanthera
  • Pre-Amp: Focusrite ISA One incl. A/D-Card
  • DigiDesign MBox
  • Software: ProTools, Logic, Wavelab

Good tools are the starting point and if the voice and the equipment go well together, then the sound quality is right. The fine professional technology in my sound booth has been specially optimised by a sound engineer to suit my voice. This took a whole day and we tried out combinations of five different microphones, each with four different pre-amps – an effort that has paid off.

We experienced how the very good sound of an exquisite microphone can sometimes be ruined by the wrong pre-amp. We played the test files we recorded to various sound engineer colleagues – ‘blind’, of course, without telling them in advance which devices had been used for which recording. From the very beginning, the sound from the Brauner mics was our favourite and the ISA One pre-amp supports the sound most elegantly.

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